Welcome to Action Sports Foundation

Sports development is becoming a huge industry encompassing agendas such as Anti-Social Behavior, Crime Diversion, Discipline, Children Growing and Health, as well as developing the infrastructure of sport from local to national level.

Sports development encompasses many areas of work such as Coach Development, Player Development and Club Development to ensure as many people can participate and enjoy sport, and to also attain their potential at whatever level. This area of work has becoming very diverse and new imaginative ways of developing sport and encouraging people to adopt a more physically active lifestyle are being implemented all the time.

To create a better caring culture in the society, Action Sports Foundation also support and sponsor other charity program as well as organization. We assist directly provided to beneficiaries’ involvement in implementing.

We believe programs should be people-oriented with assistance directly provided to beneficiaries; administrative costs or involvement of implementing agencies should be minimized though the need for ‘non-government organizations’ help to reach out to target groups outside the existing service network will not be precluded; programs should be multifarious in nature; and the vetting process should be streamlined to ensure cost-effectiveness. We also linked up with community centre, sports club, national sports association, university and government to offer different choices to the youth in participating various activities or sports.

A charitable institution or trust of a public character in exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance in July 25th 2011 in Hong Kong.






由 2011年7月25日,善行體育基金可根據稅務條例第88條獲豁免繳稅,捐贈者亦能退稅。